Which is the best Gaming Monitors for gaming?

There are many gaming monitors that are available in the market. Many consumers will tend to choose the highest resolution, G-SYNC or Free Sync and the highest refresh rates otherwise known as frame rates (FPS). However, the average consumer is clueless on the LCD panel technology used in their LCD monitor. A monitor’s panel type […]

Everything you need to know about RAM (Part 1)

Definition RAM also known as Random Memory is essentially a piece of hardware that stores computer’s short-term memory while the computer is running. RAM also acts as a middle ground between the small, super-fast cache in CPU and the large, super-slow storage of hard drive or SSD. The difference between a RAM module and a […]

All You Need to Know about SSD

Definition The SSD is a storage system that uses flash memory, similar to the ones found in thumb drives. SSD works by using the flash memory that uses memory chips (typically NAND-style chips). These chips contains semiconductors that flips arrays into different states of electric charge to store codes instead of depending on physically “writing” […]